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Hello and welcome to my website!

This summer I will be teaching theory courses and composition lessons at Michigan State University and am excited to begin studying for a D.M.A. in Composition at the University of Miami this fall. Below are some of the recent projects I've been working on and I invite you to check out the recordings page.

Early morning on the lake at New Music on the Point

Recent News:


Apr. 22 -

Premiere of Lullaby for the Future by Moose Davis at Michigan State University.

March -

Completed Lullaby for the Future, for solo vibraphone.


Nov. -

Completed "Mvt. III - Ignorance" and "Mvt. IV - Morbidity" of "Deteriorate", for string quartet.

Nov. 8 -

Premiere of Adrift by Suzanna Feldcamp and Alisa Hickox at Michigan State University.

Oct. -

Completed Doodle, for Live Electronics (MAX/MSP).

Sept. -

Completed Adrift, for Mezzo-Soprano and Harp.

July 18-22 -

Taught as a music team leader at Summer SING!, a children's singing festival in Cork, Ireland.
(Summer SING!)

July 7 -

Premiere of "Deteriorate: Confusion, Delusion, and Frenzy" by the Semiosis String Quartet at Cortona Sessions for New Music.
(Semiosis Quartet)

July 5 -

Performance of "Kaleidoscope" by Ari Streisfeld at Cortona Sessions for New Music.

June 25-July 9 -

Participated as a fellow in Cortona Sessions for New Music in Cortona, Italy. While there I enjoyed studying with David Rakowski and Beth Weimann.
(Cortona Sessions)

June 17 -

Performance of "Kaleidoscope" by Ari Streisfeld at New Music on the Point.

June 05-19 -

Participated as a fellow in New Music on the Point on Lake Dunmore, Vermont. I was fortunate to study with Kerrith Livengood, Amy Williams, Nils Vigeland, and Annie Gosfield.

John Cage's piano preparations
Prepared Piano

May -

Completed "Mvt. I - Confusion", "Mvt. II - Delusion", and "Mvt. V - Frenzy" of "Deteriorate", for string quartet.

Apr. 27 -

Premiere of "React" by the Michigan State University Campus Band, conducted by Daniel Kirk.
(Cobb Great Hall, Wharton Center)

Apr. 26 -

Premiere of "Book of Abstractions: I-IV" by Katia Dinas.
(Cook Recital Hall, Michigan State University)